Technology for your Business

Every business needs technology. As we progress further into tomorrow and realize new communication methods, streamlined workflows, and new business trends we must be ready to adapt. Bale Technologies specializes in providing robust, permanent business technology solutions that integrate and grow as your business grows. We believe that every business deserves a customized technology plan that will allow the business to increase efficiency, profitability and reach the companies goals. We have the capabilities to upgrade your equipment and make appropriate modifications as your business grows and changes. With technology changing each day, we promise to have the most up-to-date and current equipment, services and information to keep your business running as efficiently as possible.

Our Unique Approach

We approach projects with a consistent methodology that drives a business technology solution from needs analysis to system design, software selection, implementation services, training and ongoing support. We involve our clients at every step and work to deliver a business technology solution that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations in every way.

Protect Yourself & Your Clients

Risk is ubiquitous—everywhere, everlasting, ever-changing. Point solutions, while perhaps successful in addressing a very specific threat, are at best inefficient, at worst they create a whole new set of risks … and expense. Our location, perimeter and surveillance solutions deter, protect, detect, and help clients react faster and recover after events so they are stronger than they were before. We do this by knitting together sensors (e.g., cameras, perimeter fence sensors, radar, biometric and identity capture devices, etc.), information, central command, and back office into an integrated whole.