Integrating Technology, Learning, & Leadership

What’s more important than the education of our children? Bale Technologies is a leader in delivering technology services and solutions to academic institutions on a national basis. We have a dedicated education team that provides K-12 and higher education clients with our full suite of solutions, from academic software licensing, smart boards, technology acquisition and service desk support to advanced services such as server virtualization and service desk support.

It Makes a Difference

Our education clients have improved the educational experience for their faculty and students. Through our innovative technology solutions faculty can work more efficiently, students can enjoy better access to resources, administrators can stay connected with staff and families can keep in touch with educators and curriculum.

Your Technology Partner

Bale Technologies will support your hardware needs from pre-sales consulting through end-of-life disposal. While not every client requires assistance with every phase of equipment life, we find a large number of our clients require assistance with a piece of the technology puzzle. We can craft a deployment solution tailored to your specific needs, which may include hardware configuration, imaging, asset tagging or on-site deployment of technology assets.
Bale Technolgies offers extensive experience in the deployment of hardware and software across multiple buildings, campuses, integration of varied technologies within diverse environments, and large-scale, deadline-critical rollouts and equipment refreshes.