Technology for the Home

New developments in computer technology will be key to homes of the future. Many of our clients realize that because of the ever-changing technology market, the skill-sets necessary to implement technology are constantly changing. As a result, it is difficult for the average homeowner today to stay up to date on the latest technology for the home. Bale Technologies can provide the support you need to take advantage of the latest technology for the home.

“Home of the Future” for the Average Homeowner

Very soon, your home computer will control a variety of systems in your home. Currently, it is common to surf the net, store and play music, and view digital photos & videos on your home computers and televisions. Soon, you will do all of this, plus buy, rent, store, and watch movies, record television programs, and subscribe to online media services. This will all be done with a Home Entertainment System, consisting of a home computer, an audio/video surround sound receiver or amplifier, and a High Definition television. The home computer will become the main tool controlling all of the entertainment in your home, and more. Bale Technologies provides the expertise to execute home technology projects, and to help manage your Home Entertainment Systems. Our services allow homeowners to focus on enjoying their Home Entertainment System.

Building Your Home the SMART Way

Our services are designed for builders, as well as homeowners, who are building a new home and want to integrate technology. We provide professional audio/video, communication, home automation, surveillance, home theater and many more services. By integrating our services into your construction process, you are adding the convenience of having one single point of contact for all technology related items. Installing technology during the building phase allows flexibility and greater control with the distribution of technology through out the entire home. We will design, install and maintain your technology system to fit your lifestyle. We are a start-to-finish solution for any size project. Let Bale Technologies help make your new home technology friendly and easy to use.