Bale Technologies is the preferred vendor of:

  • AS Builders
  • Interglobal construction
  • Level Construction
  • Monmouth Custom Builders


In a field full of tech talking wannabe’s, Bale Technologies genuinely knows how to get the work done right, while explaining and training in an easy to understand, professional manner. While building our house, Bale Tech was there with us to help make decisions to make our systems look and work properly.    — J.H.


Bale Technologies was able to accomplish what several other companies could not. After meeting with several other systems companies, Bale Techs sales staff was courteous, efficient and not loaded with tech jargon. In meetings with several other vendors, we always left those meetings confused and bewildered. Bale Tech was able to put us at ease and set us on a course to building a house loaded with technology, while adding their signature touch of making it all easy to use.    — S.B.


Building out a new showroom is never an easy task. However Bale Technologies ability to stay in constant contact with our several subcontractors made the project run smoothly. Bale Tech has clear understanding of what it takes to get a commercial project accomplished in an effective and efficient manner. Even on moving day, they were on-site waiting for unforeseen problems to arise. Thankfully, those issues never did show up and we recommend Bale Technologies to any Business looking to do any type of work.    — M.H.